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CypherThugz is an online, play-to-earn game, where players solve cipher-puzzles to win Bitcoin and our in-game currency $KAPA.  The game simulates heist scenario's from the perspective of the "CypherThugz", an anonymous collective of code-breakers for hire, played by the players.  

CypherThugz has completed our first 60 pre-games.  These games were played once per week, with a new heist scenario presented every Saturday.  These games were 100% free to play, and issued a prize of 25$ (Canadian dollars) worth of Bitcoin and various amounts of $KAPA.  These games were played on the CypherThugz website, and accessed through our Facebook group page.  

CypherThugz also created two "treasure hunts" via the CypherCode video game, which was played on the Roblox platform.  The CypherCode is also 100% free to play.  The treasure hunts consisted of "Salvatore Gigi's Hidden Stash", and the "CypherCode", which paid out 10,000,000 and 25,000,000 $KAPA to the winners.

CypherThugz is now in our second phase.  In this phase we will have one heist event per month, with a prize of 100$ (Canadian dollars) worth of Bitcoin, and various amounts of $KAPA.  Players will be required to spend a small amount of $KAPA in order to participate in these games.  These games can be accessed via the CypherThugz website, under the "Heist" section.  

CypherThugz intends to have four more "treasure hunts" under the CypherCode video game, played on the Roblox platform.  These games will remain 100% free to play for players to compete to earn $KAPA.  You can learn more about this in the "CypherCode" section of the website.  

$KAPA is the official currency of the CypherThugz game.  $KAPA can be used to participate in heist events, and to purchase "crew members", which can be used as clues to help bypass a task within the heist, helping players to advance in the game.  $KAPA can also be bought and sold on the Quickswap exchange.  

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