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The CypherThugz Storyline....

Chapter#1 "The Beginning"

Following the death of Salvatore Gigi, former head of the Gigi crime family, the CryptoMafia has seen a power struggle.  Don Canada, the current leader of the CryptoMafia is believed to have ordered the hit on Salvatore Gigi.  

Gianna Gigi, wife of Salvatore has acquired leadership of the Gigi family, but has been ousted from being an associate to the CryptoMafia.  

Shortly after the murder, several crime families under the umbrella of the CryptoMafia have expressed their distain for Don Canada's decision.  

In retaliation, a former associated of Don Canada simply known as Mr. Black has emerged as an opposition forming a shadowy organization dubbed the CypherCity Mob.   This organization has been recruiting various criminal talents under the banner of a group that calls themselves the CypherThugz.

Chapter#2 "The CypherThugz"

The CypherThugz are a collection of individuals and crews that sometimes do not see eye to eye, and whom compete for jobs offered by the CypherCity Mob and their associates.

These code breakers for hire are were recruited by DocCrypt0, who has been appointed by Mr. Black to organized various jobs for the CypherThugz.

DocCrypt0, a cryptocurrency and cryptography enthusiast maintains a message-board group on Facebook for the CypherThugz to interact with when looking for code-braking jobs.  (  

Chapter#3 "The Cipher-Division"

Shortly after the CypherThugz introduction to the underworld, and after completing several jobs, the International Agency has set up the Cipher-Division to combat and apprehend these code-breaking outlaws. 

Tough guy Officer Richard Dzick'Ed has been assigned to lead the Cipher-Division and tasked with taking down the infamous group of freelance decoders.  

Chapter#4 "The Woozie's" 

Daiyu Woozie, the youngest of the Woozie siblings as taken the mantle of leadership as she has vowed to find lost and stolen relics that belonged to her family before the purge from her family's homeland.  

The Woozie's are one of the five families of the ancient Wu Dynasty.  No longer welcomed in the mainland, the families have formed ties to the underworld, but also maintain prominent international relationships with various business and political leaders.  

Daiyu has been quoted saying "I have friends in high and low places, in every arc of the globe".  

Chapter#5 "Rocko Gatti Murdered"

CypherCity Mob associated Rocko Gatti, an alleged member of the Gigi crime family was believed to be involved with a scheme where he skimmed from the family.  As a result, Rocko was found murdered at a Miami airport.  

Officer Dzick'Ed believes this to be a professional hit, and believes the CypherThugz were involved, and employed by the Gigi's.  

Chapter#6 "Mayor of the region of Cypher"

Former businessman turned politician Jack Hoff wins an election against career politician Elizabeth B. Yacht, winning 3 out of 4 districts, and becoming mayor of the region of Cypher.   

Cypher is made up of four districts; CypherCity, TaylorTown, Kryptopia and Little Kapaso.  CypherCity is a booming metropolis, with plenty of single unit homes as well as two-story-condo's on the plateau region.  TaylorTown is more upscale, and home of the Gigi Estate, Woozie Park, and a volcano that produces gold.  Kryptopia is the workers district, where the factory and prison can be found.  Little Kapaso is on the outskirts, a peaceful country and farmland area.  

Chapter#7 "The Island of Kapaso"

The Island of Kapaso, not to be confused with Little Kapaso, is a tiny South American island that heavily relies on exports to fund its economy.  

Chico Kapaso, also known as "El Presidente" is the elected President of the island of Kapaso, and the current leader of the Kapaso Cartel.  

The International Agency has publicly accused the President of engaging in illegal activity and had seized billions of $KAPA, the official currency of the Island of Kapaso, from the country.  

El Presidente has not denied the accusations, and instead went on a tirade of political ramblings about how the imperialist have made him the boogie man to excuse their own crimes.

Chapter#8 "The Bank Job"

Following the seizure of $KAPA from the Island of Kapaso, El Presidente began to increase military defence systems.  However, with the economy of Kapaso on the brink of collapse, El Presidente reached out to his associates, Mr. Black and Gianna Gigi to hire the CypherThugz to rob the International Bank that held the seized $KAPA.  

The first attempt was foiled, and several suspects were apprehended, but later released due to a lack of evidence. 

Legal council Mayor Shenanigans spoke to the court and insisted his clients were innocent.  

"Your Honor, my clients are innocent.  This is a classic case if wrong place at the wrong time, and since there is no evidence of my clients acting in any wrong doing, I implore you to follow the facts of the case.  The accusation does not fit, you must acquit". 
- Mayor Shenanigans.

The second attempt was a success, and one-hundred-billion $KAPA was stolen from the bank and distributed back to the nation of Kapaso and to the various organizations that participated in the heist. 

Chapter#9 "Panini Mozzarella" 

Panini Mozzarella, aka "Spaghetti", underboss of the Gigi crime family, was arrested by the Cipher-Division for his [alleged] involvement in the International bank heist where billions of $KAPA was stolen.  

With not much evidence to convict, the International Agency held Mozzarella at an undisclosed black-site as they tried to extract information on the whereabouts of the stolen $KAPA.  

Luckily for Mr. Mozzarella, the CypherThugz were able to locate the location of the black-site and broken him out.  Panini Mozzarella is currently wanted by authorities.  

Panini Mozzarella, or as his friends call him "Spaghetti" was a former math teacher before becoming loyal to the Gigi family.  His parents were deeply into culinary, which explains his name.   

Chapter#10 "Rexium Corp"

The Rexium Corporation had been selected to build the Bacco Resort.  Although rumours of fraudulent bidding on the contract were suppressed by chairman of the resort and business tycoon Ronald Bump, the contract was later cancelled and the property appropriated by the Boozeman and Stromboni crime families.  

When questioned about the ties to organized crime, Bump responded "I spoke with people, and the people seemed nice, very nice, nicer than the other guys, and I only work with nice people".  

The Boozeman's and Stromboni crime families are rivals to the Gigi crime family, and belong to the Crypto Mafia under the leadership of Don Canada.  

Chapter#11 "Mafia Wars"

A member of the Stromboni family was found dead after falling from his condo in CypherCity.  Days later a brawl between the Gigi's and the Boozeman's resulted in numerous injuries.  All suspects fled the scene before being identified.  

Tensions have been rising between the Crypto Mafia and the CypherCity Mob since the death of Salvatore Gigi.  

Chapter#12 "LeGroove Museum" 

The rare Alyssum diamond was first discovered deep in the Congo, but had been lost during the early 20th century, only to be rediscovered in the 1960s after the Wu Dynasty had been purged from the mainland.  Since it's rediscovery the diamond passed through many hands until recently donated to the museum. 

Not long after the Alyssum d
iamond went on display at the LeGroove Museum, a group of thieves managed to deactivate the security alarm and escape through the employee entrance/exit.  Authorities set u a parameter around what was believed to be the meeting spot for the thieves, and several suspects were arrested but were released due to lack of evidence.  The Alyssum diamond remains missing.  

Chapter#13 "Tensions Escalate" 

Two figures known to be connected to the Crypto Mafia were assassinated in what appears to be a professional "mafia-style" execution.  

Benny Banana's and Freddy Fugazi, members of the Stromboni crime family were found executed in their homes.  These murders are believed to be payback for the murder of Salvatore Gigi.   

Later on, a car bomb planted at the Boozeman estate exploded.  

Chapter#14 "Another LeGroove Heist"

The Solana-Lisa (NFT) art exhibit was stolen from the LeGroove museum.  The thieves dressed as caretakers and swiftly entered and exited the building with the art piece.  

A camera was able to get a view of one of the three thieves and law enforcement agencies are trying to identify the suspect.  

Chapter#15 "Balizar Region"

Former political candidate Elizabeth B. Yacht has been appointed as the new minister of Foreign Affairs.  

Yacht, who lost a previous election to candidate Jack Hoff maintains the election was rigged against her, but she has no hard feelings. 

Under the authority of Yacht's Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Balizar dictatorship had fallen to the Revolutionary Freedom Army.  

The RFA forces were successful in a series of battles giving them control of the gold reserves and the oil fields.  However, tensions remained high among the newly formed leadership as Balizar struggles to agree on how the new regime should operate.  

These tensions led to civil war in the region of Balizar as traditionalist and reformers were in dispute over the new rules that would govern Balizar.  

While the traditionalist held favourable positions after the fall of the dictator, the reformers rejected the new policy and gained power ushering in a more egalitarian regime. 

During the battle 500 traditionalist and 500 reformer soldiers died.  Yacht was just pleased to have made a lot of money in the process.  For now, it appears political and economic stability has been brought to the region of Balizar.

Chapter#16 "The Kapaso Cartel"

An infamous narco-distributor known as the "Duke" was assassinated by the Kapaso Cartel [allegedly].   The Duke was suspected of dealing in human trafficking and his former associates were not pleased with his participation in such an industry.

The assassins bypassed multiple security check points before catching the Duke in his panic room.  The assassins made a spectacle by hanging the Duke from his four story mansion.  

Several containers containing young women were located and freed.  It's believed the CypherThugz were responsible for for helping the assassins breach the Duke's mansion and in locating the containers.  

Chapter#17 "The Republic of Kali"

The five territories of the Republic of Kali had been over run with gang violence.  The La Plaza gang executed a series of attacks on their competitors the Hemoglobins, and the Creeps, and taken control.  

With the Republic of Kali just north of the Island of Kapaso, and South of the region of Cypher,  it's believed that La Plaza has become part of a syndicate that includes the Gigi's and the Kapaso Cartel.  

Chapter#18 "The International Agency"

The IA building was infiltrated by an unknown spy.  Several documents were destroyed, including evidence against the Woozie family that proved the family had engaged in a coup to over throw the communist party that controls their homeland.  

The IA did not disclose any other information, and could not confirm any suspects, although they maintain that Daiyu Woozie funded the operation and had help from the CypherThugz.  

Chapter#19 "An Ol' Fashion Hijacking"

Going back their their roots, the Gigi's hijacked a truck containing 100,000 $KAPA worth of good.  An employee of the Trucking Company, that goes by the name Bruno described the hijacking as a "highly professional job".  

"They swarmed the truck, pulled out the river, cracked the lock and left down route three", Bruno explained.  

The Truck was found empty later on that day.  

Chapter#20 "The Union Bank Job"

Sixteen thieves conspired to rob the Union Bank and made off with 10,000,000 $KAPA.  While not all the thieves were successful, the job was completed and authorities believe was Panini Mozzarella was involved.  

The Cipher-Division was called to respond, and reported that they had caught a key organizer of the heist and expect the suspect to testify against the rest of the assailants. 

"It won't be long until we take down the entire organization" claimed Officer Dzick'Ed.

Chapter#21 "Snitch"

Jonny Winter, leader of the Winter crew was the main suspect in the LeGroove museum heist of the Solana-Lisa.  The Cipher-Division had been tracking the Winter crew and flipped Jonny him into becoming an informant just before the Union Bank job.  

Jonny Winter had arranged the Union bank job as a way for the Cipher-Division to entrap the Gigi's and their code-breaking allies, the CypherThugz.  Unfortunately for the authorities, the heist at the Union Bank was successful.  Although authorities did manage to arrest a few suspects, they would be released on a promise to appear in front a judge later that week.  

Winter was scheduled to testify at the court house, but after two attempts on his life, and rumours of his family being harmed, Jonny Winter retracted his statement and refused to testify.  

Jonny Winter is currently serving a ten-year sentence in prison.

Chapter#22 "The Record Label" 

The Gigi's wanted to expand into the music industry as a way to launder their illicit gains.  Several musical artist of various genres were interviewed, but techno-dance star Electra Electronic was eventually signed to the Record Label. 

With the Gigi's managing the musical star, they were able to have her signed to the Record Label of Canjai East, also known as Jaiaizy by his close associates.  

Canjai East quickly became a friend to various members of the CypherThugz and would sometimes contact them and offer side-jobs.   

Canjai is a genius! But forgetful.  

Chapter#23 "The Bikers"

In the region of Cypher, citizens mostly use electric-motor bikes to travel.  As a result, several biker clubs formed.  The Gigi's decided it was in their best interest to back one of these clubs and help them dominate against the rest as to provide order instead of anarchy.  

The Outcasts, the Soul Snatchers, Heaven's Devil's, the Devil's Advocates and the Daughter's of Chaos were the predominant biker clubs at the time, but through negotiation and violence many clubs either merged, or were wiped out.  The final biker club to reign supreme became known as H-DOSS (Heaven's Devils Outcast Soul Snatchers).  

The Gigi's put H-DOSS to work right away by setting up a heist at the ports of Cypher and stole a container of weapons the International Agency was sending to the region of Balizar.  

Chapter#24 "The Boozeman Cafe"

With tensions high between the Boozeman family and the Gigi's, the CypherThugz were hired to rob the Boozeman Cafe.  Thieves snuck into the cafe desguised as delivery workers, and stole 2,000,000 $KAPA.  However, the $KAPA, along with some documents were later recovered.  

The Boozeman family did take significant losses to their membership and weakened their dominance in Cypher.  

Later on, a group of intruders broke into a residence belonging to an alleged member of the Boozeman family.  Authorities are certain the attack was motivated as a way to weaken and eliminate the Boozeman's from CypherCity.  

The former Bacco Resort cite, owned by the Boozeman's was signed over to DocCrypt0.  With the help of Ronald Bump and Jack Hoff, the property was appropriated from the Boozeman's.  

Chapter#25 "The Woozie Crystals"

Five ancient crystals that once belonged to the Woozie family of the Wu Dynasty were buried in a chamber below the ground.  Daiyu Woozie had hired the CypherThugz to locate and retrieve the five crystals.  

The crystals were found, and returned to the Woozie's for a handsome fee.  

Daiyu has vowed to retrieve all lost artifacts that belong to her family.  

Chapter#26 "Attempted Assassination"

An attempt to murder Kapaso President, Chico Kapaso occurred at the Global Summit for Peace among Nations.  

The President of the Island of Kapaso had suspected the attempt on his life and refused to eat the meal served to him claiming someone was trying to poison him.  

El Presidente had been given leaked information from someone inside the International Agency, and he had employeed the services of the CypherThugz to find the culprit and discover how they'd try to do him in. 

Authorities at the summit were able to confirm the food was in fact poisoned, and President Kapaso was able to leave the summit unharmed.  

Chapter#27 "The Agency's Secret"

The International Agency has captured Daiyu Woozie.  Daiyu has uncovered a plot by the agency to engage in a massive surveillance project.  Destiny Starbright leaked the information to the CypherThugz in hopes they'd locate and free Daiyu.  

Daiyu was eventually freed and a secret weapon discovered that would help to preserve the privacy of individuals.  

Chapter#28 "Rexium Corporation Returns"

Rexium Corp. is hosting a party at the Rexium suite for the upper class of the region of Cypher.  At the party, head of International Affairs Elizabeth B. Yacht, and politician Jack Hoff try to provide some useful information on the dealings of the corporation.

Rexium corporation had attempted to steal technological plans from the Balizar government, but was unable to acquire the documents.   

The governing body in Balizar has since become under the financial influence of the Rexium corporation.  

Chapter#29 "Airport Robbery"


The Gigi's client needs to get their hands on a set of documents being flown to the International Agency remote bunker.  The CypherThugz had been employed to hack into the airports security, disable the planes GPS, steal the plane, crack the safe and bring the documents to the safe-house.  

The documents were successfully delivered to the Gigi safe-house, and the plane sold in the Island of Kapaso. 

Chapter#30 "Mob War"

The Gigi's have decided to continue their revenge for the murder of patron, Salvator Gigi, and made a play to eliminate their rivals the Boozeman family once and for all.  

Mr. Black ordered the hit of three Boozeman bosses; Sonny, Frankie, and Tony Boozeman.  Sonny was at his hideout in CypherCity, Frankie at his hideout in Kryptopia, and Tony was at his hideout in TaylorTown.  One by one, each of the bosses was taken out by assassins that were able to bypass the security of each hideout.  

As a result, the Boozeman family has been weakened and have retreated from the region of Cypher, leaving full control to the Gigi family.  

The remaining families of the CryptoMafia have vowed to punish the Gigi's.  

Chapter#31 "The Baron"

Officer Dzick'Ed had approached the CypherThugz with an ultimatum, help him or be charged.  Of course, lawyer Mayor Shenanigans insisted that all the evidence against any alleged CypherThug was circumstantial and wouldn't hold up in court. 

Officer Dzick'Ed was on the hunt for a figure named Baron Von Rychbastardo, who's been accused of price fixing in the pharmaceutical and oil industries, and for causing political dissidence in several regions.  

As the International Agency hunts for the Baron, Officer Dzick'Ed sees this as his opportunity for a promotion to head of the I.A..  Meanwhile, fellow agent of the agency Destiny Starbright has uncovered that the agency may be using the Baron as a scapegoat.  During this time, cappo of the Stromboni family, Capriccoli Stromboni, is also looking for the Baron to murder him as its revealed that the Baron used to be an informant for the I.A.  

Simultaneously, head of international affairs, Elizabeth B. Yacht is trying to micro manage a potential rebellion in Balizar,  stating that after the coup d'etat all the natural resources were privatized and the contracts given to the Rexium Corporation.  She also mentions that a puppet leadership was installed by promising low taxes, which later resulted in the Balizar government being bankrupted.  As a solution, Ms Yacht decided to smuggle counterfeit Balizar currency into the region to stimulate the economy.  

Chapter#32 "The Dragon"

Daiyu's friend, journalist Fung Yu is attempting to flee the Mainland to publish an article proving corruption among the governing party, a group of ideological zealots that call themselves the Dragon.  

Daiyu had employed the services of the CypherThugz, but unfortunately they were unable to provide any assistance on helping Fung Yu escaped.  As a result, the Dragon's captured Fung Yu and sentenced him to a reformation centre.  

Chapter#33 "Cops & Robbers"

The Gigi's are concerned that a rival family, the Stromboni's are positioning themselves into establishing themselves in the region of Cypher.  In addition to this, the Gigi's have word that the Cypher-Division lead by Officer Dzick'Ed has an open investigation on the family.  

To combat these pressures, Panini "Spaghetti" Mozzarella has sent the CypherThugz to infiltrate the Stromboni's and the Cypher-Division.  

Some of the CypherThugz went to work for the Stromboni's and engaged in a series of hijackings of armoured cars from the PROTECT-MONEE security company.  Four out of the five armoured trucks were successfully hijacked.  The hijackers were unable to crack the passcode of the fifth truck, and agents working for the Cypher-Division were able to set up a sting operation and recover the contents of the truck. 

Chapter#34 "Battle of Balizar"

Balizar is in turmoil, and two foreign forces are trying to take control of the region.  Head of International Affairs, Elizabeth B. Yacht had attempted to shut down the energy grid of Balizar is an attempt to spoil a hostile take over.  Meanwhile, her nemesis Zladimir Poutine of the Curdish dictatorship has hired hackers to hack into Ms. Yachts emails to expose her prior corruption in Balizar.  

Hackers leaked file#401 and Ms. Yacht has been banished from Balizar as a new regime takes control of the region.  


Chapter#35 "The Rhodium Amulet"


Several hijackers attempted to break into the LeGroove Museum as they tried to steal the Rhodium Amulet.  The thieves were able to shut down the network security system, but were unable to crack open the vault.  

The Rhodium Amulet, believed to be once owned by the Wu Dynasty and lost during the purge, had been found and confiscated by the International Agency during the raid on the residence of the Baron von Rychbastardo.  The I.A. turned over the amulet to be stored at the LeGroove museum.  

Chapter#36 "The Casino Job"

Thieves engaged in a robbery at the Stromboni Casino in the Republic of Kali.  The robbers entered through the employee entrance, deactivated the security system, and carefully made their way to the vault evading the security guards, before cracking the vault and making off with the loot.  Simultaneously the thieves distracted the guards at the main hallway and managed to steal a luxury car on display.  

The Stromboni family has now placed the casino for sale. 

Chapter#37 "The Woozie Casino"

Hackers have hacked their way into the International Agency's network and managed to destroy some unflattering photos of Mayor Jack Hoff's son Gather.  Shortly later the Mayor issued a set of licenses required to operate a casino to Daiyu Woozie, of the the Wu Dynasty.  

During this same time, Ms. Woozie was also able to purchase the land the casino was built upon from the Baron von Rychbastardo and purchased the casino from the Stromboni family.  The new casino will be known as the Woozie Casino. 

In other news, thieves once again made an unsuccessful attempt to steal the Rhodium Amulet from the LeGroove Casino.  The thieves were able to enter the building through the shipping/receiving dock, but were unable to crack the vault.  
The amulet remains under close watch.

Chapter#38 "Club Mingle"

John Gotthe has recently taken over as owner of the Mingle Club and has hired Canjai East to supply his artist as the entertainment.  Canjai is also having issues with an unnamed shoe company and attempted to crash a charity event hosted by the company.  Unfortunately, none of Canjai's goons were able to enter the private party.

Meanwhile, the Gigi's have sent their own representatives to visit Mr. Gotthe and establish a payment for protection.  While Mr. Gotthe expressed his willingness to pay tribute to the Gigi's, he's unable to because he's under contract with Sammy "The Salmon" Salami, underboss of the Stromboni's.  

An attempt on Sammy life is rumoured to have occurred unsuccessfully.  

Chapter#39 "Green Gold"

The Island of Kapaso is a fertile land that produces many delicacies enjoyed by the citizens of the world.  Unfortunately international trade can be complicated when at odd's with the International Agency.  To add fuel to the flames, Rexium Corporation has been strong-arming local farmers and forcing them to grow avocado's at basement bargain prices in order to cover the debts of the farmers.  

The Kapaso Cartel has formulated a plan to combat this loss of revenue by stealing trucks of avocado's from Rexium transport trucks, and then mixing them into the legal batch of avocado's at the packaging facilities.  

Chapter#40 "The Omniscent Society"

Daiyu, in her pursuit to finding her family's lost artifacts has uncovered a cavern believed to be a tomb for a secret society.  The cavern, which has six chambers, is rumoured to hold three objects that may or may not be extraterrestrial in origin.  

Five code-breakers attempted to access the chambers, but few made it out with the objects. Daiyu Woozie currently has possession of the three objects.  

Chapter#41 "Douchee Bank"

Rumours spread around the Kali Republic that the Douchee Bank is about to collapse due to bad investments into high risk assets and now they might not be able to cover their clients funds.  

Charlie Meatballs, soldier for the Gigi's, takes a crew with him to rob the bank.  Attempting to steal one million $KAPA, the thieves were able to crack open the vault, but had to ditch the loot due to an unsuccessful escape.  

Chapter#42 "Family Reunion"

The Stromboni family has invited the Gigi's to a sit down to re-establish their strained relationship.  Gianna Gigi and Mr. Black are reluctant to accept the offer based on suspicions the Stromboni's were behind the murder of the late Salvator Gigi.  

During the meeting, it's revealed that the Stromboni's have set them up, and Gianna and Mr. Black attempt to escape, only to be locked in a room in an abandoned building that is rapidly filling with water.    

Gianna quickly contacts her people, and the CypherThugz are hired to locate, and free them from the water filled room, sparking an all out war against the Stromboni's.

Meanwhile, Panini "Spaghetti" Mozzarella, of the Gigi's is investigating a letter sent to him anonymously regarding the murder of Salvator Gigi.  The letter reveals that Salvator has a hidden stash of 10,000,000 $KAPA somewhere in the region of Cypher, prompting code-breakers to visit Cypher in order to find the lost treasure.  

Chapter#43 "The Hunt for Rychbastardo"

The Baron von Rychbastardo has evaded the agency for too long.  Destiny Starbright was assigned to track down the Baron by any means necessary.  Several key figures; Canjai East, Mayor Jack Hoff, head of international affairs Elizabeth B. Yacht and President of the Kapaso Island Chico Kapaso helped to find the Baron, leading investigators to Miss Sasha Blue, a former girlfriend of the Baron.  

Eventually, the Baron's cell phone was tracked leading to his capture.  The Baron is currently in the possession of the agency.  His fate is currently unknown. 

Chapter#44 "Free Jonny Winter"

Turns out Jonny Winter is related to someone that has friends in high placed.  This mysterious influential figure has hired the Gigi's to break Jonny out of prison.  

With the help of lawyer, Mayer Shenanigans, members of the CypherThugz were arrested and placed inside a prison cell with Jonny.  Three prisoners managed to escape prison, unfortunately for authorities, the prisoners were incarcerated under false identities.  

Jonny Winter is currently wanted by authorities, but his whereabouts are unknown.  

Chapter#45 "Fight Night with the Gigi's"

It's fight night, and the Gigi's have fixed a fight between their guy Gregory McConner and Tike Myson.  With the help of Charlie Meatballs persuading the judges to vote in favour, a member of the CypherThugz was able to sneak into the executive area and shut down the electricity and any camera that happened to be recording the match.  

Chapter#46 "Revenge on the Stromboni's"

Following the events of previous week's, the Gigi's execute their plans to take revenge on their rivals the Stromboni family, for their attempted assassination of Gianna Gigi and Mr. Black.  It's been suspected for quite some time that the Stromboni's played a crucial role in the murder of Salvator Gigi.  

Wasting no time, the CypherThugz were hired to track down three Stromboni under-bosses.  With the help of Charlie Meatballs, the bosses were no more.  

Tony Rigatoni, Franky Fusilli and Pauli "Pizzaboy" Pepperoni were assassinated in the Kali Republic, a Stromboni controlled territory. 

Chapter#47 "The Organization"  

The Gigi family has gotten the whole organization together to form one final attack on their rivals the Stromboni family before the end of the year.  

Gianna Gigi gives out the order and hires the CypherThugz to complete a series of jobs in order to locate the Stromboni base of operations in the Republic of Kali. 

In order to raise funds for the job, the Kapaso Cartel ships a load of goods from the Island of Kapaso to CypherCity.  Unfortunately, the load gets seized, but Spyder, the leader of the La Plaza gang breaks into the warehouse where the seized load is stored and steals the contents back.  

Meanwhile, the head of the H-DOSS biker club is hired to eliminate the remaining three members of the Stromboni's still operating in the region of Cypher.  Mitch "Mummy" Mook kidnaps, and interrogates the targets getting their passcodes for the Stromboni base of operations.  

Daiyu Woozie is in the Mainland getting information that the Stromboni's are laundering their ill-gotten gains through the Rexium Corporation and obtains a file that reveals the exact location of the Stromboni base in the Kali Republic. 

Following these events, members of the CypherThugz are sent to the Republic of Kali to meet with Spaghetti and Meatballs (Panini Mozzarella and Charlie Meatballs). There the trio break into Stromboni base of operations, make their way to the storage facility and empty the lot, stealing millions of $KAPA worth of goods from their rivals.  

The Stromboni's have taken a hard hit, but this isn't the last we'll hear of them.  

Chapter#48 "An Elaborate Heist"

The family's last big heist of the year, was elaborate! Panini "Spaghetti" Mozzarella was able to source a truck for the heist, with the help of the CypherThugz.  They hijacked the Quick Transport delivery truck, and kept the cosmetics it was hauling. Meanwhile, Mr. Black set off the fire alarm at the Union Depository Bank in the Republic of Kali, which forced the bank manager out of the bank - Mr. Black and the CypherThugz grabbed him and interrogated him.  They had previously identified the bank manager as Barry Bopper, whom they've robbed before.  

After getting the codes, Charlie Meatballs entered with two unknown men believed to be members of the CypherThugz.  They quickly deactivated the alarm, and cracked open the vault, then escaping into the crowd.    

Chapter#49 "Salvator's Hidden Stash & the CypherCode" 


Following the death of Salvator Gigi, a rumour began to spread around the region of Cypher that Salvator had a hidden stash of 10,000,000 $KAPA.  This rumour has been put to rest as a member of the CypherThugz has found the hidden stash.  

During the hunt, it was revealed that Timmy "Two Toes" Stromboni was ordered to do the hit on Salvator by Capriccoli Stromboni and Don Canada of the Canada Organization.  

The mystery of the CypherCode has also been solved.  The Cypher GuideStones on display outside of the City Hall in Kryptopia, Cypher has been mysteriously removed after it was declared that the CypherCode had been solved by a member of the CypherThugz.  The CypherCode revealed a secret society of the elites exist in the region of Cypher called the Opul Society.  A treasure of 25,000,000 $KAPA was also found.  Rumour has it the Opul Society are planning another treasure hunt!

Chapter#50 "A Holiday Massacre"

Following the discovery of Salvator Gigi's hidden stash, it is revealed that Timmy "Two Toes" Stromboni was the hitman that pulled the trigger that murdered Salvator Gigi. 

Gianna Gigi quickly calls for Timmy to be assassinated!  

Panini "Spaghetti" Mozzarella, along with members of the CypherThugz devise a plan to catch Timmy while heading on vacation by sabotaging his plane causing it to crash and Timmy, along with his henchmen, to burn in hell for his crimes against the Gigi's.

Phase Two "New Territory"

The Gigi's are planning to expand into new territory.  Having already planted their feet in the region of Balizar, along with their stronghold in the region of Cypher, and deep connections on the Island of Kapaso - the Gigi's are frequently messing with the Stromboni's on their turf in the Republic of Kali.  

But now, the Gigi's have set their sight on the City of Jasper, a newly developing region known for luxury vacationing.  Word on the street is the Stromboni's also have their eye on the territory.

Phase#2, Job#1 "Jasper City Bank"

Spaghetti and Meatballs, along with members of the CypherThugz, and their hired crew members have unsuccessfully attempted to rob the Jasper City Bank.  The assailants had stolen an industrial drill from the Jasper Construction Company, and broke into the nail salon next to the bank and proceeded to drill through the wall entering the bank.  The robbers were unable to access the vault or any contents inside the safety deposit boxes. 

Phase#2, Job#2 "Jasper Luxury Hotel"

The Gigi's, along with their associates, the CypherThugz, attempted to steal 2,000,000 $KAPA worth of jewellery from a famous socialite staying at the Jasper Luxury Hotel.  The crew caused a distraction by setting off multiple car alarms in the garage of the hotel, while they extracted the door-codes for the socialite's suite.  After shutting down the elevators, the thieves made their way into the suite and attempted to crack open the safe in the room.  The robbers were again, unsuccessful.  

Phase#2, Job#3 "Jasper Casino Heist"

Charlie Meatballs, and an unnamed associate believed to be a member of the CypherThugz made off with 3,000,000 $KAPA and the contents of a safety deposit box with a successful heist of the Jasper Casino.  The two robbers
first caused a distraction in the employee parking lot by setting off car alarms, before making their way to the vault.

Phase#2, Job#4 "Jasper City Mafia Heist"

The Gigi's, along with members of the CypherThugz attempted to rob the Gnocci bar, a known hub of ilicity activity for the Stromboni family.  The thieve's snuck into the bar disguised as newly recruited members of the Jasper City Mafia, and made their way to the basement, but were unable to crack open the safe and retrieve the Stromboni members list.

To be continued....


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