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The CypherCode…
(Treasure Hunts)

The CypherCode is an extension of the CypherThugz game, played on the Roblox platform.   There are periodical "treasure hunts" that players can participate in for free, and earn various amounts of $KAPA.  

Our first two treasure hunt's: The Cypher GuideStones, and Salvator Gigi's Hidden Stash contained treasures of 10,000,000 and 25,000,000 $KAPA has already been paid out.  A series of new treasure hunts will be available through out 2023 and 2024.  The CypherCode is 100% free to play!  

Welcome to the region of Cypher.

The region of Cypher is made up of four districts. 
Kryptopia, Little Kapaso, TaylorTown and Cypher City. 

Citizens of Cypher can live in multiple style homes, such as unit homes, condo homes, upscale homes, large homes, or mansions.

Citizens of Cypher are able to earn gold in various ways; such as working at the factory, mining gold, or by robbing banks.

A criminal network called the Syndicate has a strong hold on the production of orbs.  They farm them in Little Kapaso, and then transport them to the IceCream Shops in Cypher City and Kryptopia.   

Join the Neighbourhood Watch to help keep Cypher safe as there’s plenty of gangs roaming the different neighbourhoods.  One particular organization of concern is the infamous Gigi crime family.  

How to Play...

You enter the region of Cypher beginning at the rehabilitation centre in Kryptopia.  You'll want to earn some gold by working at the factory moving  boxes onto a truck-dock.  This work is slow, and the pay isn't great. 

Players can also attempt to mine gold from the volcano in TaylorTown.  Be careful, this is dangerous work as lava eruptions occur frequently.

You will need gold to rent a home.  

You can rent a unit home for 20 gold, a condo or upscale home for 50 gold, a large home for 100 gold, or a mansion for 1000 gold.  Each has their own perks, and can only be rented for 2 hours.  If you leave the game before the 2 hours, you'll lose access to the home.  

When ever a player dies in the game, their gold is lost, unless they stash it in the safe in their home.  When a player leaves the game, any gold they have is saved for when they return to the game.  If you leave the game, but have gold stashed in your safe, you'll lose the gold.  So make sure to collect all the gold from your safe before leaving the game.  

Citizens of Cypher that join the Neighbourhood Watch get a free "Zapper" to help keep Cypher safe as there are plenty of gangs that roam the streets.  Don't abuse your power... 

The C'z (blue) and K'z (red) typically dwell in the Crypto Projects or the Krypto Projects in Kryptopia.  The Plaza gang, and the H-DOSS biker club usually come from CypherCity.  These crews often engage in bank robberies.  There are two banks in Cypher, the Union Bank in Kryptopia, and the National Bank in Cypher City.  You'll need a way on to the roof in order to rob these banks.  

For protection, the average citizen can purchase a "Vazer" for 15 gold.  

To travel around the districts of Cypher, citizens are able to use the bike share program.  Simply take a bike and go.  Would be nice if you could return the bike once you're done with it.  

A group known as the Syndicate controls the orb industry in Cypher.  They risk their lives to pick the seeds in the orb pit in Little Kapaso, trying desperately to avoid poison seeds.  Once the seeds are collected, they go into the woods to find farm land to plant, grow and harvest the orbs, and then transport them to the IceCream Shops.  

The IceCream shops sell two types of IceCream; Blueberry Sky and Strawberry Quick, each cost 10 gold and gives the player special abilities for 60 seconds, such as jumping high and running fast.  

There are clothing stores so players can buy clothing (5 Robux per shirt) to distinguish which group they most associate with, if they want.  

Eating apples restores a players health, and eating lemons will allow them to move slightly faster than normal for a brief period in time.  

The CypherCode is a free to play promotion of the CypherThugz game.   

You must be over 18 years old to claim the hidden $KAPA.

All players must be friends of DocCrypt0, and an associate of the CypherThugz to gain passport to the region of Cypher.

How to enter the region of Cypher...


Download the Roblox app.  It's available for free on any mobile device or fairly modern gaming consoles, or computer.  


Create an avatar on the Roblox platform


Send @DocCrypt0 a friend request


Once the request has been accepted, you'll have access to the region of Cypher through this portal.

Next Phase of Treasure Hunts for 2023
- Expansion#1 "Kali Republic, Robbery Spree"
- Expansion#2 "Kapaso Island, Hidden Treasure"
- Expansion#3 "Balizar Region, The Hunt for the Baron"
- Expansion#4 "Mainland, The CypherCode Continued"

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