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~ May Heist,
Jasper Airport Heist

May 27th, 2023, at 8am EST
Entry Cost: 100,000 $KAPA


1. To participate in the heist, players must be fully registered before May 26th, 2023. 

2. The first player to complete the heist wins the game.  The heist ends Sunday, May 28th, 2023, at 8pm eastern standard timezone if no player completes heist by this time.
Any player that completes the heist after the first player to complete the heist will not receive any prize. 

3. The winner of the heist will need to verify their answers with the game monitor.  To prevent cheating, the game monitor will ask the winner to provide the answers for each puzzle, and a general description of how they solved it.  Failure to answer these questions correctly will result in the player being disqualified and the game will resume until there is another player that completes the heist.

4. Players may hire multiple crew members for a heist, but a crew member can only be used once per puzzle to gain a clue.  Once a crew member has been used, they cannot be used again in a later puzzle.  There is no clue for the final puzzle.

5. Clues can only be requested between 8am and 8pm, eastern standard time zone  

Pre-Heist Purchases:

Flatbed Truck
, 100,000 $KAPA
- In order to participate in the heist
, you'll need to purchase a Flatbed Truck.  (Mandatory for participation).

Scope Out Job, 100,000 $KAPA
- Allows player to get an overview of the heist.  This information includes a basic description of the tasks to complete the job, giving the player an estimate of the number of puzzles required to solve to complete the heist. Not mandatory to participate in heist.

Crew Member, 200,000 $KAPA 
- Allows a player to gain a clue for a level.  Each crew member must be paid 200,000 $KAPA.  Crew members must be hired before the heist begins and cannot be added during a heist.  

Register for Heist with the Union

Purchase Flatbed Truck
Purchase Scope Out

Please Check your Email for a Response.
It may take up to 24 hours for a response.

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