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To participate in the CypherThugz heist’s you will need a digital wallet capable of storing Bitcoin, MATIC, and $KAPA. 

- 100$ (Canadian Dollars) worth of Bitcoin, and various amounts of $KAPA are paid to the winner of each heist event.

- A small fee paid in $KAPA is required in order to participate in heist events.

- Since $KAPA only exists on the Polygon blockchain, a small transaction fee of <0.01 MATIC is required for every transaction done using $KAPA.  0.01 MATIC is roughly equal to 0.01$. 

- $KAPA can only be purchased on the Quickswap exchange, using MATIC.  Using the Exodus Digital Wallet swap feature, you’ll be able to swap between Bitcoin and MATIC.

Below is a step-by-step instruction on how to set up for mobile devices.    

Step#1: Download a digital wallet

You will need a digital wallet that is capable of storing Bitcoin, MATIC, and $KAPA.  We recommend using the Exodus Digital Wallet. 

You can download the Exodus Digital Wallet app from the App Store, or the Google PlayStore. 

Step#2: Secure & Backup Wallet

Once you’ve downloaded and opened the Exodus Digital Wallet app, you’ll see a little icon with three-squares (orange, purple and blue) with a grey diamond.  Click on that icon.  On the new page that opens, select “security”.  Next, select “Backup”. 

These 12 words are your backup phrase.  Write these words down and store them somewhere safe.  If you lose or break your device, you’ll need these 12 words to be able to access your digital wallet from another device.  Keep these words safe and do not share them with anyone. 

Next, you’ll want to set a passcode as an additional security feature. Once you’re done backing up your digital wallet, select “Security” again, and then select “secure with passcode”.  You’ll be able to set a 6-digit passcode.  Make sure you remember it as you’ll be asked to input these 6-digits every time you want to open your wallet.  You do not have to set a passcode if you don’t want to. 

Step#3: Set Icon’s BTC, MATIC, $KAPA

Click the icon with the three squares, and diamond shape, then select “assets”.  Scroll down the list to activate Bitcoin (BTC) and MATIC.  For MATIC, you’ll need to click the little arrow and select the Polygon version.

To add the $KAPA icon, you’ll need to select “add custom token”, then switch the network from Ethereum to Polygon.  Click “search”, and then paste the $KAPA contract address in the required space. 

$KAPA contract address:

Step#4: Purchase MATIC

In the Exodus wallet, select the dollar-sign icon. Then select “Buy Crypto”.  You have the option of choosing between a bank transfer, or using your debt card. 

If you select bank transfer, you’ll be directed to the Ramp Network.  If you use your debit card, you’ll be directed to MoonPay.  Set the amount you’d like to purchase and follow the given instructions provided by the Ramp Network or MoonPay. 

Step#5: Swap BTC and MATIC

To swap Bitcoin for MATIC or MATIC for Bitcoin, select the “two arrows” icon.  On the “swap” page, you can input an amount of Bitcoin or MATIC you want to exchange and the second input will automatically fill in the equivalent amount to swap. 

Step#6: Connect Wallet to Quickswap Exchange

In order to purchase $KAPA you’ll need to access the Quickswap exchange.  To do this, in your mobile browser, search  On the Quickswap exchange click “connect wallet”, then select “WalletConnect”, and then select “connect”.  You’ll be brought back to your Exodus wallet, where you’ll need to approve the connection.  Once connected, you’ll be able to see the connection by clicking on the “three square” icon, and then select “connect”.  Next to the Quickswap button, you’ll see an arrow, click that and set the Quickswap button to Polygon (instead of Ethereum).  Return to the Quickswap exchange from your browser, and your wallet will connect.  The app will now automatically connect to your wallet every time you access the Quickswap exchange.  

Step#7: Swap MATIC for $KAPA using Quickswap

On the Quickswap exchange, enter the app, and you’ll see the option to swap.  In the “from” section, select MATIC, and in the “to” section select $KAPA.  You’ll need to paste the $KAPA contract address in the search bar at the top of the page. 

$KAPA contract address:

Next, enter an amount of MATIC you wish to spend, or an amount of KAPA you wish to buy, and the alternate equivalent amount will automatically fill in.  You’ll need to have an additional <0.01 MATIC in your wallet to cover the transaction fee.  Once you’ve filled in the amount you wish to trade, select “Approve MATIC” (or might say “Approve Spend”).  This gives Quickswap permission to access MATIC from your wallet.  After you click “Approve MATIC”, your wallet will pop up prompting you to confirm permission.  A small fee in MATIC will be required - this is only requested the first time you attempt to spend MATIC on Quickswap.  Once you approve permission, you’ll be able to click “swap” and this will perform the swap from MATIC to $KAPA.  Again you’ll be required to spend a small fee paid in MATIC.  It’s important to be patient, and not over click.  Blockchains are slow, and transactions can take a few minutes to complete. 

$KAPA can also be swapped for MATIC using the same process. 

Step#8: Cash out to National Currency

Once you’d like to sell your cryptocurrency (Bitcoin, or MATIC), you can access your Exodus wallet, select the “dollar sign” icon, and then select “sell crypto”.  Please note that Exodus doesn’t support selling crypto from certain regions.  However, you can use an exchange such as Coinbase to exchange your cryptocurrency into your national currency. 

Download the Coinbase app, create an account, and transfer your crypto from the Exodus wallet to your Coinbase account.

Please note, you will not be able to exchange $KAPA for your national currency.  You will first need to swap $KAPA for MATIC, and then exchange MATIC for your national currency.

If you need any assistance with any of the steps, please message us at

Swap Bitcoin/MATIC
Connect to Quickswap Exchange
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